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We've all heard the news. Traditional retail stores are dying 
What was once thought as an invincible retail stores such as Toys R Us, Sears, JCPenney, and Forever21 are all bankrupted. 

But that's Not All...
Stores like Gap, Walgreens, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria's Secret, and GameStop are closing hundreds and hundreds of stores nationwide. 


eCommerce marketplace platforms such as 
Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and eBay are thriving, and not just thriving, they are DOMINATING the the retail market. 

More than 55% of all consumers begin their first product search on Amazon, more than 59% of people in USA has Amazon Prime Memebership, and over 45% of all ecommerce sales occur on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

More than ever, customers expect brands to make themselves available through these online channels and small to medium sized brands that does not make themselves available in these marketplaces are destined to suffer.

This is where WE come in.... 

Founded in 2015, FTA Trading Inc. has become one of NYC's fastest growing eCommerce distribution Agency.

As a top 250 online market place retailer, FTA Trading Inc. simplifies the process of selling your products on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay.  

Here are some of our credentials. 
- Over 25 Years of Combined Marketplace Logistics and Online Marketing Experience
- Over $25 Million in Lifetime Marketplace Sales
- 25,000+ SKU’s Managed
- 70+ Brands Successfully Managed.

Our Services 

How we can help you


Gain complete control on your product listing and drive your prices back to true MSRP by protecting your brand. We know exactly how to get rid of unauthorized resellers, black-hat scammers, IP infringers from competing marketplaces. 

Marketing in online retail marketplace is what everybody is afraid of. From advanced PPC campaigns to Email Marketing Strategies, we cover it all. Let us worry about online marketing so you can focus on creating the best product

With over 15 years of cumulative Search Engine Optimization experience, we know what we are doing in order to rank your product to first page on various marketplaces. From photography to keyword research and copywriting, we cover it all.

Our most advanced technology allows you to view your brand's detailed sales performance in one glance. From fulfillment fees and marketplace fees all the way down to advertising fees. We know how important it is to know your numbers. We make it super easy for you.

Don't have full inventory planning systems set up yet? Don't worry, let us help you set up your inventory planning spreadsheet to minimize your cashflow problems. Our team will tell you exactly when and how much you should order, where to ship your product to.

Our fully integrated support team works around the clock to help you succeed. Feel free to contact us anytime anywhere. 

Just click "Contact Us" below to get started!

Want to Become a FTA Trading Inc. Vendor instead?


Not ready to work with our complete brand management service? Prefer to stay away from B2C? 

No problem! we also buy wholesale! Consider selling your products to FTA Trading Inc. to see if you will qualify to become one of our vendors. 

As a Top 250 online marketplace retailer, we leverage our own strategies and principles to maximize sales across our private label and wholesale products.

We are always seeking top-tier brands to join our portfolio of product lines.

These are the types of products and suppliers that we are looking for:

- Supplier is the brand owner or original manufacturer of the product
- Amazon Marketplace Exclusivity (only other seller can be you, the brand or manufacturer)
- Ideally already barcoded with unique UPC 
- 30-45 day payment terms
- Individually packaged products, organized by master case or carton
- No Minimum Orders (besides case pack quantities) or Monthly Minimums
- Supplier Accepts Credit Card w/ no additional fee (American Express)

If your brand meets all these requirements above, please don't hesitate to click "Contact Us" now!
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